5 Reel Drive Game

Some slot games have titles that are a clear play on words. This one from Microgaming ticks that box too. You have a driving theme in play here, and while the graphics point to this as one of the older games from this provider, the theme still stands up well.

Will this one drive you around the bend or make you rev up for more?

Reels and paylines format

The game provides five reels and nine paylines, so you have fewer lines to play than you might be used to.

What could you wager on this game?

You can start with a 25-cent bet on each line you play here. That can be increased to as much as $10 a time. You must then multiply that by the number of lines you are playing, so your minimum bet for the lot is $2.25.

Does 5 Reel Drive have any special symbols in play?

The yellow road sign is the wild and has that word on it in black. This replaces everything else you will spin into action in the game, apart from the police car. This is used as the scatter symbol.

Does the slot have a bonus feature?

Er, no… there is nothing in the way of a bonus feature here. There are no free spins to be had and nothing that is used to trigger a bonus round. So, your wins are restricted to the main symbols that appear in the paytable. Look at that before you start playing and see whether you are happy to continue based on what you see there.

Download and play 5 Reel Drive online now!

Okay, so we have established this is not the most complex of games out there today. You may end up wanting to try something else instead of 5 Reel Drive. The title is a good one and the theme is fine, but the graphics are more basic than you might like and there is nothing beyond the basics of the game, either.

We were a little taken aback by the speed the reels spin at, and you get the feeling they’re not actually spinning, either. When you play, you’ll see what we mean! But 5 Reel Drive is a nice way to pass a few minutes, or to try something different. It’s a good game for those purposes.