Coins of Olympus Slots

Lightning strikes and coins come tumbling down… that’s the introduction you see when you load the Coins of Olympus game ready to play. It’s how we will begin our introduction to the game itself, too.

We love a good game based on the gods, no matter where those gods hail from. In this case, we’re looking at the Greek gods, some of which you may be familiar with. If you are – or even if you are not – the Coins of Olympus slot game aims to deliver drama, intrigue, and hopefully a prize or two along the way.

About the Coins of Olympus slot

Some games are more detailed in design than others. This is not one of them. It features a hand-drawn design of sorts, almost as if someone was sketching out the gods themselves on paper. Perhaps that is how the design came about.

However, we know the game is based around those coins too, so we can guess there are some superb elements in store for us here.

Rival Gaming developed the title

Rival Gaming has come up with numerous ideas for slots – many of which are more unusual than you might have expected. This one takes a familiar and oft-trodden theme and uses it in ways that are irresistible and enjoyable to watch as you play.

We are assured of a demo version to try

This is the slot version of ‘try before you buy’ – the idea that you should work out whether something is right for you before you part with your cash. The demo is great to see and indeed it works well to see what the game offers. Watching a video or looking at reviews is only half the equation here.

The Greek gods theme

Overused, perhaps? Maybe, but this theme is popular for good reason. It is a great one to play when you find a game you like. Could this be that game? Will the gods bestow some entertainment on us here, we wonder?

Design considerations

The first thing you see when the game loads is a collection of icons, just as you usually would. Some of those icons are the gods themselves, and while none are labeled with their names, if you know your stuff, you’ll likely recognize a few. It’s not necessary to do so though, which is good news.

You will see some coins too, as you’d expect, and the whole game has a look of being set in stone.

The main features of the Coins of Olympus slot

This one has five reels to spin and is a basic slot in that there are no progressive elements to it. However, Poseidon is a handy god to find. If he occupies every position on a paid line, he delivers 4,000x your bet as a prize. That should please anyone who manages to make it happen.

There are different coins involved in this game. The first one worth mentioning is the silver coin, which is the wild. If this appears on a reel and expands, it means another prize can be created by this action. So, don’t let it concern you if the wild shows up and doesn’t expand. It only does so when a prize is guaranteed through this action.

Instead of one scatter in this game we get two. One is a golden coin and the other is the mighty Zeus.

How many paylines are involved?

There are 25 lines here, and you get the chance to select how many you’d like to cover with your bets.

Betting options

There are plenty of Rival slots based around four coins and up to 10 of them played per line. This is another one of those, giving you a chance to calculate a spin bet that should appeal to your budget. Even though we don’t get many coins to work with, we do get the chance to choose a bet that works for us.

The paytable is in the usual place

If you have tried some Rival slots of a similar design, you might guess where the paytable is hiding – in plain sight. You can go through to it via the top right or top left of the game screen, giving you the easiest access that you could hope for.

How to trigger the bonus

Zeus is the god to find – three times at least – to ensure you can go into the bonus feature. Hermes is involved in this bonus too. Zeus has lost his coins and it is Hermes’ job – i.e. your job – to go and fetch them. You are required to use your mouse to guide him. How many coins can you find and what could the outcome be in terms of prize money?

Does the presence of a bonus mean there are no free spins to win?

No – there is a gold coin scatter too, remember? Finding three or more gold coins is the way to get through to play some free games.

The more you find, the better the outcome. Finding the minimum of three gold coins delivers five free spins to enjoy. If you manage to get four or five coins, your free spin quantity would increase to 10 or 20 free games respectively. Anything you manage to get in prize money in this feature is granted a 3x multiplier. Furthermore, another three coins would result in an additional set of spins being awarded.

The RTP for Coins of Olympus slots

We did some research and we were surprised at the RTP for this game coming in at the low end of things on 92.49%. Given that many slots are 96% or more in this area, this is disappointing.

Our rating for this Rival slot game

We’re going to rank this as a 7 out of 10 slot title. We appreciate the chance to get some free spins along with the bonus feature that utilizes two Olympian gods nicely. We would prefer a higher RTP though, as we’re sure most players would.

News of winners is thin on the ground

This is common with a slot that doesn’t use a progressive jackpot to attract attention. The size of the in-game jackpot is bigger than that present in some other slots, but it remains far from the size of those seen in the biggest games.

Will you begin by trying the demo for pleasure only?

Many people do, although there is no guarantee you will get the chance to trigger the bonus to find out what that is like. You can enjoy the slot in demo mode though, and it does give you a greater feel for the game.

Play for real by finding a Rival-powered casino today

Most Rival casinos should have the Coins of Olympus slot game ready for you to try. Search for one that offers a good welcome deal, so you can use some of your bonus funds to enjoy the game.

Does the game have a mobile version too?

Yes, unlike some of the older Rival slots. So, if you find a casino you like and you want to play the title on your phone or tablet, you can make it happen.