Dolphin Tale Game

Dolphin TaleDolphin Tale is a refreshing and well-designed slot game from Microgaming. That could describe many of their games, though, so we should look at it in more detail if we want to learn more about it.

The game screen is sharp and uses a wide variety of colors to help bring the characters and locations alive. Yep, locations - because the game has some underwater delights to share with us too.

Reels and paylines format

The game offers an impressive collection of paylines that reaches 40 in number. It won't be a surprise then to discover the use of five reels here.

What could you wager on this game?

You can play from a cent per line, and also increase your bet to a quarter per line if you like. If you want to play more than one coin on each payline, you can do that as well, rising to as many as five coins if you like.

Does Dolphin Tale have any special symbols in play?

The rookie dolphin acts as the wild for the game. Five of these win you 3,000 coins, so that's worth watching for (as well as him standing in for other symbols). He won't replace the scattered clam though, which brings a prize for two or more.

Does the slot have a bonus feature?

Can you find three or more clams? If so, you can look forward to playing a free spins bonus feature. You get a choice here too, which runs as follows:

  • 25 free spins and a random multiplier of 2x, 3x or 5x
  • 20 free spins and a random multiplier of 2x, 4x or 7x
  • 15 free spins and a random multiplier of 3x, 6x or 8x
  • 10 free spins and a random multiplier of 5x, 8x or 12x
  • 5 free spins and a random multiplier of 10x, 15x or 20x
So, you get to choose and the fewer spins you get, the higher the multiplier will be on any prizes you win during the spins.

Download and play Dolphin Tale online now!

Taking this game for a spin is a great experience. You can enjoy yourself with the characters in play and the various locations they live and work in. A lot of thought has gone into this game and it shows, making Dolphin Tale a game that is worth playing when you are in the mood.