Pigskin Payout Slots

Football is never over, even out of season, there are trades, video games, college, and out of season football. But now, Rival Gaming gives us the ole' pigskin in the form of an online slot, with rowdy crowds, goal posts, and a lot of pressure to win the big game. Pigskin Payout online slot is a 5 reel, 20 pay line slot that features a lot of high scoring symbols such as the ref, the gator mascot, the linebackers, the quarterback, the ball, the 50 yard line, and the great crowd favorites like the number one foam hand the a tasty beverage to wash down some nachos. These symbols pay out higher when more of them are combined in the pay table for example, the 50 yard line can score at the upwards of 100 points for getting all 5 across the board. Before getting started make sure to feel comfortable with the paytable. Below the goal posts are the spin options, including coin selection, line selection, and the spin button. The sides of the table show how the game pays out, and the top offers the game guidelines.

Features and Bonuses

This online slot features a scatter symbol and a wild symbol both being the stadium and the cheerleaders respectively. The scatters helps the jackpot by preventing it from losing while also scoring for all sides of the pay table. The scatter also offers free spins when landing 3 or more across the reels.The wild symbol can score as high as 7500 points for getting 5 across the reels. They also offer 2x multiplier for the payout at the end of the spin.

The game also comes with a jackpot offering 1000 for having 5 of the play board symbols across the board. The game will also be having the 1st and 5th reels being wild during the jackpot and cannot lose. 3 scatters grant players with 5 spins, 4 offer 10 spins, 5 offer 25 spins. and all spins are multiplied by 3x.

Final Thoughts

Pigskin payout is a game that focuses on multipliers to get players to the score they are looking for. Like real football, there is no luck or gimmicks that help a team reach the winning touchdown but careful planning and strategic game play. This game gives players the chance to get some big wins with high chances of free spins and a a lot of reward for collecting wilds and jackpots. If you are looking to get your head in the game, help our local gators get themselves to the playoffs and get to spinning for the game winning score!