Red White and Bleu Slots

Red, White and Bleu Slots brings you to France to enjoy French cuisine and drinks. This is a 3 reel and 1 pay-line slot game from Rival Gaming. Imagine a sunny warm day at a Parisian cafes by the banks of the Seine. It is common for these spots to be decorated in red, white and bleu, the traditional colors of the French Flag. Enjoy the delicacies that France has to offer. Play with coin values from two pennies up to ten dollars with a max bet allowed of $30. The top prize is 5000 coins. The symbols used in Red, White and Bleu Slots include Bleu Cheese, Blue Seven, Double BAR, Red Grapes, Red Seven, Single BAR, Triple BAR, White Grapes, and a White Seven. The top symbol is the Bleu Cheese that will pay as many as 6000 coins when you line 3 of them up. 3 bunches of red grapes pays between 200 coins and 600 coins, and 3 bunches of white grapes pays between 50 coins and 150 coins. The grapes and the Blue Cheese may also be combined in a variety of ways to win between 15 coins and 180 coins.

The bars and lucky 7 symbols, which are designed in red, white, and bleu also offer plenty of prize pay-outs. Combinations of mixed 7's will win you 5 coins to 120 coins, whereas 3 blue 7's will win you 20 coins to 60 coins, 3 white 7's will win you 25 coins to 75 coins, and 3 red 7's will win you 100 coins to 300 coins. Wins including single, double and triple bars range from 3 coins to 45 coins.