Spartan Warrior Slots

The Spartan warriors were fierce fighters and greatly trained. Hero's such as Achilles, of the Trojan war or Leonidas of the battle of Plataea proved Spartans were a superior force. This ancient part of Greece fought wars with Persia and brought to us movies like 300 or Rise of an Empire. Rival Gaming Slots gives us Spartan Warrior Slots giving us epic music, big wins, and a battle that will go down in history! Before getting started players should get accustomed to the play table recognizing what each symbol offers and how the board pays out. Symbols such as the queen, the warrior battle, and the temple pay higher than the classic poker face symbols. This game is a 5 reel, 15 pay line game that pays left to right. Below is the line selection and betting options allowing you to choose between $.10 and $75 per bet. Once you feel confident in your troops, it is time to go into battle. Start spinning and you may even enjoy a bonus battle round as Achilles.

Bonuses and Features

After triggering 3 or more shields across the reels, you will reveal the bonus battle round. You will choose between weapons that you will bring into battle. Fight 1 of 3 opponents and your prize will depend on the fight and success in battle. Aside from the bonus round, if you land 3 or more Achilles helmets across the reels you will unlock the scatter symbol free spins bonus. You can trigger anywhere from 10 free spins, 20 free spins, or as much as 100 free spins with chances at triple prizes.

The game comes with a wild symbol which can substitute for any symbol and can pair well with higher paying symbols such as the temple or the warrior battle. While you are able to set any number of lines or bet, the more lines selected increases your chances of earning more money, however, also is a larger risk.

Final Thoughts

This game showcases the great city of Sparta, depicting historical events within the symbols that run the game. Epic music and ambient winds give us the feeling of the battlefield after a couple day-long fight. Head off into battle with the battle bonuses and potentially hit it big, or, stock up on helmets and get up to 100 free spins to sit back and enjoy some rest after a long war. Rival Gaming gives us a chance to be on of the greats, so wield your sword and lets triple those prizes!