Cosmic Cat Game

Cosmic Cat SlotsThe title of this online slot game from Microgaming is Cosmic Cat, so you'd expect to meet a cat in a spacesuit, wouldn't you? This is exactly what happens, too, so you can look forward to having some cool adventures on the reels with this little guy.

But what kind of slot game is it? Is this a complex slot or one you will get the hang of in mere seconds? There is only one way to find out, and that's by reading our review of the game right here.

Reels and paylines format

This game is as basic as it gets in this area, with three reels and just the one payline to look at as you spin.

What could you wager on this game?

You can spin the three reels from a quarter a time. That sounds like a lot, but remember you only get one line to play on here. You can choose to play two coins per spin in the hope of accessing bigger prizes if you get lucky at any point.

Does Cosmic Cat have any special symbols in play?

The Cosmic Cat is a cool symbol to have, because you can win a prize with just one on the payline. Two bring a prize too, so that's good to know. The cat is also wild, so if you get two identical symbols appearing with one Cosmic Cat, you'll win the line prize for three of the identical symbols.

Does the slot have a bonus feature?

No, this is a regular three-reel slot with very few additional perks involved. However, if you get three Cosmic Cats on the payline, you will receive the top prize the game can pay out. This is either 500 or 1,000 credits, depending on whether you played one or two coins on the payline at the time you won.

Download and play Cosmic Cat online now!

This is a basic slot game, true, but it is still fun to try. We think this will be ideal for newcomers to Microgaming titles and to online slots in general. More advanced and experienced players will probably want to pass on this one and head off to find some more complex Microgaming titles instead.

That's fair enough, but at least the game offers some good prizes and the chance to win with just one or two Cosmic Cats, should they appear on the payline.