Couch Potato Game

Couch Potato SlotsWe all know what couch potato means, right? Anyone who sits around all day on the couch, doing very little, might get tagged with this name. It's also the title of another great slot from Microgaming, and while the game won't appeal to everyone, you can't fault the design or the theme used to create it. Who knows, it might be the game you've been looking for.

Reels and paylines format

This game gives you three reels and just the one payline, so you have a simple format to follow.

What could you wager on this game?

Each coin you play is worth between a quarter and $25. You also have the option to play up to three coins on that single payline, thus giving you access to bigger prizes whenever you win.

Does Couch Potato have any special symbols in play?

One of the symbols in play is a TV screen with the words Couch Potato on it. This is good to find because it is a wild symbol. Get a wild substitute in a winning line and you will get 5x the usual prize. It gets better still if you get two wild substitutes in a winning line - do this and you'll win 25x the usual prize! The game doesn't offer a scatter, so you're limited to looking for the wild to appear as often as possible.

Does the slot have a bonus feature?

No - as you might have guessed by now, the game has some basic features and doesn't give you anything other than these. You can look for the chance to scoop the jackpot though, and this is where playing more coins could come in handy.

If you play one coin, the jackpot would be 2,000 coins. Up the bet to two coins and your jackpot, if won, would be 5,000 coins. But if you played three coins on the payline and you scooped the jackpot, you'd be impressed with a huge win of 15,000 coins!

Download and play Couch Potato online now!

Couch Potato is a basic game, to be sure, but it does present you with some cool prize opportunities, especially the jackpot options. If you did manage to scoop one of those, your day could be a really good one! How much will you bet on Couch Potato if you give it a try?