Cleopatra's Coins Slots

If we had to pick a person from history who has popped up in the most slots of all, the name Cleopatra would be foremost in our minds. It doesn’t matter whether she has taken that title or not – she tends to crop up here, there, and everywhere.

And we don’t mind that, because she’s a dramatic character to include. She appears once more here in Cleopatra’s Coins, so let’s see if we can find out how to get hold of some of those coins.

Finding out more about Cleopatra’s Coins

As with some other slots from this developer (to be revealed in a moment), this one comes with a short scene to watch before you start playing it. You’re in ancient Egypt, and a boat slides onto the sand. Who steps off, what are they looking for, and where does Cleopatra come into things? We are about to find out more, but we always fall for a slot with an introductory scene to enjoy first.

Who developed this slot game?

The game was created by Rival Gaming. If you’ve tried some of the other games created by this company – particularly some of the older ones – you might notice some similarities with this one, connected to the format of the game more than anything else.

Trying the demo first

Rival can always be relied upon to give us a demo of their games. It gives us a chance to see what’s what, and to see whether we like what we see enough to change to the proper version. It’s one advantage they have over some developers that do not provide a practice version.

No need to figure out the theme

Whenever Cleopatra pops up in a slot game, you know you are about to find yourself in ancient Egypt. That is, of course, what happens here as well. Caesar doesn’t always appear in slots bearing Cleo’s name, but he does here.

What do we make of the game design?

Hieroglyphics pop up in plenty of slots with this theme. They appear here too, in an understated way at the top of the reels. You won’t see much beyond that, but they act as a subtle reminder of the theme in store for us.

As one of the older titles sitting inside the Rival collection of slot games, Cleopatra’s Coins does not rank as one of the better and more progressive designs. However, it does stand up to scrutiny even today, appearing as a robust and appealing version of an ancient Egyptian slot game.

Time to get to the meat of the game

You probably guessed at five reels already, and you’re right. While some slots deliver the chance to snag one (or more) progressive jackpot prizes, this one does not fall into that category. You can certainly check out the other games that do, but this one offers some pleasing prizes of its own.

We should cover the most important icons you might spot as you play this game. For example, the wild is a circular icon featuring a beetle. This is marked as a wild, and the other important icons in the game are also labeled for ease of identification. Find five wild beetles on a line and 5,000 coins will be yours, so that’s good to know.

There is a circular greenish icon with the head of an asp on it – the snake that allegedly did for Cleo herself. This is the free spins icon. Meanwhile, a gold coin is the bonus icon, so you should watch out for that too.


There are perhaps fewer lines than you might have guessed, with just 15 in store here. That should suit players who prefer to bet on fewer lines. You can cover all 15 here quite easily, without missing any of them or betting more than you might be happy to do.


While the game loads with a five-cent coin in place, you can reduce this to a one-cent coin if you like. You can also choose from a selection of other coins worth up to a dollar each. You get a choice from one to five coins to place on each line as well.

Is there a good paytable to read?

You’ll find out there is a simple paytable to access in this game, from either of the top corners. There is just one page, but it reveals where the paylines are and what the prizes are.

Bonus round possibilities to look forward to

This is where the gold coins are used. You must locate three or more of these to get the chance to smash some urns. Finding three coins gives you the chance to smash three urns. Four or five coins will deliver the chance to smash four or five urns, so the more you find, the better the outcome. Get smashing and see what happens!

The asps are the key to some free spins

We did mention this above, but the more snakes you find, the better your reward is here too, just as with the bonus feature. Three, four, or five snakes bring you 10, 20, or a massive 100 free games to play. Obviously, you’ll be hoping for five of them, but even 10 are respectable. Whatever quantity of spins you receive, all prizes are worth three times the typical value in the base game.

Game RTP details

It’s usually difficult to locate the RTP for a Rival game – at least, it is for the old ones. Our research on this one has revealed the RTP is likely to be around 94.7%.

What’s our rating for the Cleopatra’s Coins slot game?

We like this one a lot, and while the design isn’t the best compared to modern-day slots, we did find the free games and the bonus add to the appeal. That’s why we’ve given it 8 out of 10.

Will we hear of any slot winners for this game?

Unlikely, as the game doesn’t have the usual progressive jackpot prize to garner headlines. You never know if a casino running the game might announce a winner of the biggest fixed prize though.

Why start with the demo?

This is the best way just to play the game for enjoyment. However, you could also simply play it for appreciation and to figure out how everything works.

Real play mode is good too

Of course, this is the way to play if you want a chance at winning proper prizes. If you want to go beyond demo credits, you can see where the appeal is. With multiple coins and coin quantity options, you’re good to go.

Playing on Android and iOS tablets and smartphones

You can do this if your selected Rival casino offers the games on those platforms. Modern slots are typically available for sure but check the details for this older Rival game.